Stevcon Packaging and Logistics


At StevCon, we specialize in providing customized isotope packaging solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of medical treatment facilities. We understand the criticality of packaging medical isotopes for safe and efficient transportation. Our team of experts works closely with healthcare professionals to design and develop packaging solutions that ensure the integrity and stability of the isotopes throughout the entire supply chain. Whether it’s designing specialized containers, implementing advanced cushioning and shock-absorption systems, or incorporating temperature and humidity control measures, we go above and beyond to create packaging solutions that meet the unique requirements of medical treatments. Our durable Hard case returnable shippers are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector. With our customized isotope packaging solutions, you can trust us to deliver the highest level of quality, reliability, and safety.

Our range of water-resistant parcels, crafted with precision in single or double wall options. With four color choices available, you can customize your packaging to reflect your needs. Our parcels are expertly tailored to your specified size requirements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your items!

Enhance the safety of your shipments with our protective foam inserts, available in a wide range of densities to suit your specific requirements. Paired with stainless steel canisters, these inserts provide an additional layer of protection for internal components, ensuring that your items reach their Destination securely and intact

Our military-grade resin-casted parcels offers unparalleled waterproofing and tamper-lock sealing capabilities for maximum security. Available in four color options, each parcel is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. Choose from a wide range of casted sizes to accommodate various items with ease