Who We Are

Stevcon has earned its reputation as the go-to company in Canada for packaging and logistics with more than 32 years of experience and expertise in the industry.

Stevcon has long expanded its offerings to various industrial sectors such as military, nuclear, mining, automation and aerospace to name a few, with proven results through developing trusting relationships with customers over the decades.

Throughout these decades, we have built strong relationships with organizations that are not only a preeminent part of our supply chain but also serve each other’s capabilities and offer comprehensive services.

With our goals and strategies aligned, we have proven to create successful packaging solutions for the nuclear industry sector, including medical isotopes packaging. The substantial growth of this product has built a strong leadership for our company across Canada, along with our traditional custom wide range of packaging solutions.

Stevcon is known for the one-stop shopping experience offering consolidated solutions, whether the packaging is wood, steel with lead shielding, or corrugated boxes with internal dunnage, cushioning, and absorbency.

At present, we are proud members of:

  • Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries – OCNI
  • BlueWater Wood Alliance
  • Canadian Wood Pallet Container Association
  • Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
  • Bruce Power Re-Tooling & Economic Recovery Council
  • Bruce Power-Indigenous Relations Supplier Network
  • Ontario COVID 19 Vaccination Council
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses


Our Latest Offering – A Made in Canada Isotope Packaging Solution

Stevcon is an established leader in key packaging solution providers to the Canadian medical isotope industry. The company is trusted for providing packaging solutions for medical isotopes used to treat cancer of various kinds such as breast, prostate, kidney, liver, etc. The demand for medical isotopes is likely to increase exponentially over the next few years, and the company aims to close this demand gap. A just-in-time solution is critical to the short shelf life of most isotopes.

A Made in Canada packaging solution for medical isotopes is our breakthrough feature, considering the ongoing modernization in healthcare facilities due to ever-increasing demand. Moreover, emerging markets, increasing demand for oncology treatment, and the improving reimbursement scenario surrounding insurance coverage are expected to present a wide range of opportunities and demand for Canadian isotopes. Therefore, despite the challenges of ensuring that isotope arrives in an uncompromised condition, Stevcon is already prepared with solutions to counter these threats, such as:

  • Increase the supplier base for a Made in Canada packaging solution
  • Inventory of standard isotope packaging to allow just-in-time shipping, within a single or multi-pack container

Our Isotope Partners

Kinectrics/Framatome(Isogen) and Stevcon have partnered to provide reusable packaging for the Lutetium 177 production at Bruce Power, and the Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp-Saskatoon-Packaging is responsible for Copper 67 for shipments worldwide.

Our type A packaging goes through multiple trials of drop tests, water spray tests, leak tests, and vibration, pressure, and temperature differential tests to be qualified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. We are in discussions with other companies within the isotope sector to add to our current isotope packaging solutions.