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Grand Opening Celebration

Bruce Power supplier opens new office and warehouse in Owen Sound

 Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd., one of 59 Bruce Power suppliers  to establish a local presence in 65 locations across Grey, Bruce and  Huron counties, officially opened its office and warehouse. 

  “I would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to Stevcon Packaging &Logistics for the opening of their new office and warehouse here in Owen Sound, said Bill Walker, MPP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound and Associate Minister of Energy. “This is terrific news for the entire riding and a huge benefit to our local economy. Stevcon’s commitment to our region highlights yet again the importance of Bruce Power and our nuclear industry when it comes to creating well-paying jobs across Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound and the surrounding area.” 

Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy added,  “We are pleased to welcome Mr. Steve Warwick and Stevcon Packaging &  Logistics Ltd. to our community. Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd.  joins an impressive list of Bruce Power suppliers that have relocated  to the region. I also acknowledge the hard work and commitment of Bruce  Power and OCNI to the region.”   

 “Stevcon has embraced the opportunity to make a difference in one of our  local communities, and the company is a shining example of why we  encouraged suppliers to make this investment while they support Bruce  Power’s Life Extension Program,” said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s  President and CEO. “We appreciate Stevcon’s commitment to not only  contributing to the economy in Owen Sound and Grey County, but  participating in a variety of programs to improve people’s lives.” 





Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd (SP&L) is now part of the Stevcon Group which was established in 1997. SP&L’s management team are experts in providing packaging materials and services to the nuclear industry. SP&L was created primarily to serve suppliers to the Bruce Power MCR Project and assist those companies in achieving the Tri-County content conditions as part of their Contract commitments. SP&L also offers packaging solutions to other nuclear applications, including Darlington and offshore locations.

Our Team has been involved in packaging of major components, spares and tooling for Nuclear Reactors, both domestic and global.


• Supply of Packaging Materials to Tier 1,2 and 3 Suppliers for both Domestic and global Nuclear Projects, including Embalse, Point Lepreau, Cernavoda, Wolsong, Qinshan, Darlington and Bruce Power 

• Specifically the Design of Packaging Containers for equipment including Tooling, Ram Assemblies, Feeder Pipes, End Fittings, Liners, Fuel Channels, Channel Closures, Shield Plugs, Flux Detectors

• Design and Manufacture of Type A nuclear containers

• On site Packaging services at Supplier’s facility


• 16,000 sq. feet  dedicated to manufacturing and warehousing

• 1-10 ft x 1-16ft drive in ground level doors

• 2 -53ft drive in loading docks 

• Project Management & Warehousing

• ISPM 15 Certified


• Design and manufacture packaging solutions that meet nuclear standards for both expendable and returnable systems, including non-wood transfer carts, racks etc. for delivery to the Reactor site

• Design and manufacture packaging solutions for commercial applications

• A Logistics location close to Bruce Power to meet all necessary nuclear warehousing qualifications.

• In Process of receiving CSA N299.4- Quality Assurance Certification

• Control and tracking of inbound and outbound equipment under Stevcon’s responsibility, and mandated by the End User

• All incoming parts staged, unpacked if necessary, and stored in an installation sequence specifically in accordance with Bruce Power’s directive

• Standardize inbound packaging for all Suppliers for Units 3 to 8 with the possibility of re-using the packaging

• Loading and Blocking Sea Containers


• Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI)

• Blue Water Wood Alliance Association

• Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association



The quality policy is satisfied when our objectives are achieved.  Objectives are subject to change when reviewed periodically and when better performance is possible.  The quality policy for STEVCON is as follows:

STEVCON Packaging & Logistics Ltd. is committed to excellence in workmanship and customer satisfaction.  We recognize that each and every employee plays an integral part in supplying a quality product and service to our customers.

Together we commit to this goal and understand that our combined efforts will set new standards of excellence in packaging and logistics services.

Our mandate is:

• To supply a defect-free product or service on time.

• To adhere to the principle that quality is complete conformance to customer specifications.

• To commit to ongoing development of all employees.

• To communicate and define this policy to all new employees.

• To invest every effort to maintain optimum health and safety standards.

• To promote teamwork and mutual problem solving in a supportive and positive way.

• To conduct continuous improvement programs and projects.


At Stevcon Packaging & Logistics Ltd. (Stevcon), the Health and Safety of our employees are important.  Stevcon is committed to a goal of zero injuries and illnesses.

In all situations, priority is given to protecting our employees and our visitors from illness, injury and risk, and preserving materials, assets, and the environment against the risk of fire, damage, and other losses.

By working together collaboratively, and giving the most careful attention, to the management of health and safety, we will meet our shared objectives of a healthier and safer working environment.  Managers are accountable for maintaining a working environment as free as possible from actual and potential hazards, and for ensuring the security of all.

Each employee is responsible for working in a safe and healthy manner, reporting all substandard and/or unhealthy conditions, and is encouraged to adopt a safe and healthy lifestyle on and off the job.

By committing to the above, we will ensure that we go beyond minimal compliance with legislated requirements and the spirit of the internal responsibility system.

It is important for all of us to value this policy and honour its commitment.  We want our Company to stand as an example of excellence to our staff and those we 

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